If you’re tired of scrubbing the grill every time you want a burger, it might be time to give one of our picks of the BBQ Grill Mat on the market a try. One of best parts about grilling is the taste of smoked food cooked in the open air. But there’s a drawback to this cooking method. Grill grates tend to be perpetually dirty—probably because they’re a pain to clean. And how many times have you wondered if the black specks in your grilled chicken are charred meat or flecks of wire grill brush?

All these mats seem the same. Are there any differences?

There are differences between all mats. Some have been addressed on this page already such as size and thickness and some haven’t been mentioned yet such as layers of PTFE used.

Thickness – In my experience, the thickness isn’t a massive issue. I have cooked with both the thinner and thicker mats and although there are small differences such as the prominence of grill marks and time to heat up to temperature, I found no real discernible difference in the BBQ grill mat’s performance.

Size – Grill mats come in all shapes and sizes. The best thing I could advise is to buy as big a mat as you can. The differences in price are negligible and the mats are easy to cut to size if so required.

Layers of PTFE – This relates directly to the quality of the product that you have purchased. Obviously the more layers of PTFE that are in your grill mat then the better quality product you will have. This is not information that is standardized in ways such as size and thickness are, however. Instead, you will need a good eye, a good touch and a bit of experience. Knowing what good quality PTFE products look and feel like is a must. So I would suggest acquainting yourself with a high-quality Teflon pan and transferring that knowledge over. Ideally, the surface should be almost slick with just a hint of the minute squares that make up the coating.

Can you reuse a grill mat?

You can use the best grill mats hundreds to thousands of times each. As long as you maintain them well you will have no problems. And even if you do, many manufacturers offer some kind of guarantee.


If you take care of your grill mats right from the start, you will greatly extend the life of the mats. Always use common sense when cleaning the mats! As soon as you remove your grill mat from the grill, wipe it off, especially if you’ve used sauces or marinades.

The longer it sits on the mat, the harder it will be to remove. Clean your mat after each use to avoid buildup on the mat. If you do have a buildup on the mat, soak them in warm soapy water for 30 minutes to an hour.

You can use the soft side of a scrub pad, if necessary, to clean the mat. You can then transfer the mat to the dishwasher for an extra wash, if you like. Always place it on the top rack and run the dishwasher on hot.

These techniques work like magic to make sure your grill mats are clean and do not have any residue building up!

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